The ShockTape™ system - enhanced lightning protection of wind turbine blades

ShockTape (tm) provides robust lightning protection for wind turbine blades

The ShockTape™ laminate covering system from Lightning Diversion Systems enhances each wind turbine blade's existing lightning protection system, for more robust lightning strike protection.

This patent-pending system captures and directs a lightning strike to the wind turbine blades' built-in lightning protection systems. Designed and tested in state-of-the-art laboratories under the toughest conditions and standards, the ShockTape™ system helps control a lightning strike by increasing the likelihood that the strike will occur at a desired location. When a strike occurs, the ShockTape™ covering works in conjunction with the built-in LPS to provide a path to safely transfer the electrical current to ground, while also preventing any damage to the blade surface.

The ShockTape™ system is provided with a complete install kit with instructions for quick & easy application. The innovative ShockTape™ covering system can be applied on a three-blade wind turbine in one day with an easy "peel and stick" installation.



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ShockTape™ overview

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